Sandy makes your life brighter.

What is Sandy?

Sandy is an elegant financial solution

The Sandy system is designed to drive down the costs of transactions between network members. Sandy is a hybrid payment unit combining a passive income algorithm PoS and a universal system of incentives Masternode. The architecture of the payment system, built on these two concepts, guarantees their users full transactional independence in all senses.

PoS-mining is an effective passive income.

A development team has acknowledged that the most energy-efficient method of earning Sandy is PoS-mining. In simple terms, you receive an interest from each generated block equal to the amount of money in your wallet. The bigger your share in the network, the bigger your gainings. For the same reason attacks on the network won’t make any sense. On gaining 51% of all coins, an attacker will begin to steal rewards from himself, while the demand for the coin will be collapsed, and all the money invested in a meaningless attack will go to waste as well. So, a PoS-cryptocurrency does not require heavy investments, guarantees safety and is accessible to all investors, even to beginners.


Those who see the real value of Sandy behind the name are given the opportunity to earn even more by adding to a basic income (a PoS-algorithm) worthy rewards from a Masternode for supporting the network.

To become a masternode owner, you need to perform a few simple steps, the most important of which is to freeze Sandy in your account. The practical usefulness of the Masternode lies in its ability to provide instant and anonymous transactions in the network.

International community

Can’t find an answer? Want to earn with Sandy, but don’t know where to start? Have ideas as to how to improve Sandy? Then welcome to Discord! To follow the news related to Sandy, join us on social media.


  • Coin name Sandy
  • Coin ticker SDY
  • Algorithm Quark
  • Staking age 3 hours
  • Maturity 145 blocks
  • MN Rewards 70%
  • Block Time 1 minute
  • Max Coin Supply 480.000.000
  • Collateral 2000
  • Premine 100.000
  • Block heightReward

  • 501 - 70001
  • 7001 - 3600016
  • 36001 - 7200018
  • 72001 - 11200022
  • >11200112



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